Welcome to Sidley Baptist Church!

We love church! It’s all about being a local expression of the body of Christ and that means having fun and fellowship as well as taking our worship of God seriously but joyously. Please do check the website to see what’s happening each week, but on a normal Sunday our service starts at 10am and includes testimonies, teaching and worship. We are open to all that God wants to show us and teach us during this time. We usually finish around midday, which is followed by tea and coffee and an extended time to chat and have fellowship and prayer with one another as needed.

Our meetings are all about the key things God has spoken over us. These include being in and developing a relationship (with God and each other), unity in the spirit, and the Presence of God (resting in and enjoying Him). Our morning meetings are:

  • Challenging & exciting for everyone
  • Down-to-earth and relevant for daily life
  • Encouraging for the weary believer
  • Friendly and welcoming for everyone
  • Guaranteed to be a place that will welcome guests and make them feel wanted and at home
  • Helpful for those who are seeking hope and answers
  • Interesting, varied and jargon free.
  • Joyful and a place where you can just be ‘you’
  • A place to receive healing prayer
  • A place where Christian ‘prodigals’ can return and find true acceptance and love

Yes, we realise that’s quite a task to achieve each Sunday, but we just allow God to lead the service and we often find everything fits together. You are more than welcome to come any Sunday, we will be pleased to meet you. Children are also more than welcome and there will be lots of little ones running around as we’re all a big family!