More on the Apostolic

sun and cloud (small)A few weeks ago Dan spoke on what the Apostolic means for our church, and today he followed it up with some more explanation. Click the link below to listen, and when it gets to the bit where Dan’s drawing on a flipchart all you need to know is that it looked like a bicycle wheel, with God as the hub and the people in the church as spokes in different colours! It will make sense when you listen to it…


The church is for God, not for you

We often think the church is there for us, to help us, to guide us, to minister to us. You may even hear people complaining that a church service or message ‘didn’t do anything for them’. Well, it turns out that the church is primarily for God, not for us! Click on the link below to listen to Brian’s message from this morning.


Prayer and the Apostolic

prayer-1441690 smallThe latest two Sunday messages from Sidley: Rob on Prayer and Dan on the Apostolic. Both well worth a listen, click the links below to hear them in full. (scroll down for the second one if you need to)




Don’t get sidetracked – newsletter from Sharon

img_8460We’ve just received Sharon Campbell’s latest newsletter, direct from IHOP in Kansas City…
Dear Friends and family,
So I made it back for another year and once again we are hitting the ground running, two weeks into the fall semester and this week YWAM leaders from around the globe are joining us here in Kansas City for their annual gathering while us at the International House of Prayer support them in service, attending their events and praying for them for the entire week night and day.
Thursday night before the event started I had a dream, there was creaking on the stairs, in my dream I woke up and the pictures on the wall were crooked and outside the road had split apart… I told a friend the next day who said that I should write it down but I just thought it was my overactive imagination. The next morning at 7:02am I woke up to the sound of creaking on the stairs, the whole house began to vibrate so I tried to get dressed thinking I was going to run to the basement. Then a few seconds later and it stopped. Oklahoma had an earthquake that was 5.6 in magnitude that was felt in surrounding states including ours.  24 hours later and we are hosting this significant gathering of people who love Jesus with all their hearts through missions and prayer.
Loren Cunningham the leader of YWAM is saying that he wants to give Jesus a birthday present for Christmas 2020 when the bible will have been translated into every language on the earth. Christians realize the significance of this.  We must find intimacy with God whatever it costs us! We already have it through Christ but sometimes relationships and circumstances can cloud the path into his presence. So I am sure this is not a new message but this is what I felt the Lord was saying to me this morning through the picture of Israel’s exodus.
‘To take you deeper into intimacy with Me is sometimes an uncomfortable journey… you have to come out of Egypt (what is familiar) and go through the wilderness (withdrawal from other comforts) before you reach the promised land (abiding and staying in communion with our heavenly Dad).’ This is the purpose of our years on earth. Abraham’s Dad, Terah, was seventy when he took Abraham and his grandson Lot and their families and left for the land of Canaan, but they stopped at Haran and it seems they felt inclined to stay there. Abraham was seventy five when he heard the Lord’s invitation to “go to a land that I will show you” so they set out on the same journey that Abraham’s Dad embarked on but didn’t complete. We have communion with our Father already through putting our trust in his son but sometimes there are things that get in the way, past disappointments or worshipping other things which are not bad in themselves but take the place of that first relationship with Him.  The message is don’t get sidetracked and take to heart Philippians 2:14 because to have Jesus is the best prize that we can know for ourselves and make available for others.
Love Sharon xxx

Restoration – Kathy Lee

restorationKathy brought us an interesting message this morning, reminding us that when God restores his people into relationship with him, he does not just put them back how he intended them to be, but puts them in a better position than would ever have been possible! Click below to listen to the message.




Be still

repentRichard brought us a great message yesterday, reminding us that it is often only when we take time to be still and study God’s word that we really hear from Him. To listen to the message please click below.




What drives you?

sun and cloud (small)Yesterday Brig brought us an important message, challenging us to think about what really motivates and drives us. Envy, guilt, resentment, fear and materialism can all be motivators, but the goal they push us towards is unattainable. In every case God has a better goal for us, and is able to help us get there. The good news is that it is never too late to ask God what he has placed within us, and then go and do what He called us to do. Click below to listen to the full message.


The_Midianites_Are_RoutedLast week Andy delivered a lively message about Gideon. Don’t stay hidden in a wine press or a cave, trust in the promises God has made, call on his name and He will come to your help, just as He helped Gideon and the Israelites overcome the Midianites. Click below to listen to the message…



The real ‘meat’ of our faith

Chaussures de Foot Lotto ViaouestDan told us today that the ‘meat’, as opposed to the ‘milk’, is not simply in-depth teaching from the Bible, it is putting that teaching into practice in our lives. Jesus brought a message of reconciliation, indeed he died and rose to reconcile all of us to God. So we need to put this into practice between each other, forgiving, correcting and rebuking as required. We also need to be careful of hurting people. If we know we’re in the habit of treading on toes, then we shouldn’t wear boots with spikes on them… Click below to listen to Dan’s message.