The real ‘meat’ of our faith

Chaussures de Foot Lotto ViaouestDan told us today that the ‘meat’, as opposed to the ‘milk’, is not simply in-depth teaching from the Bible, it is putting that teaching into practice in our lives. Jesus brought a message of reconciliation, indeed he died and rose to reconcile all of us to God. So we need to put this into practice between each other, forgiving, correcting and rebuking as required. We also need to be careful of hurting people. If we know we’re in the habit of treading on toes, then we shouldn’t wear boots with spikes on them… Click below to listen to Dan’s message.

Jorn’s messages ready to listen to

DSC_9697-smallSorry for the delay, but Jorn’s messages from Sunday 31 July and Sunday 7 August are now online and ready to listen to. They’re well worth it, and even if you were at church you might like to listen again! Click the links below to listen – you may have to scroll down a bit for the second one…


Joshua crossing the Jordan

riverAll God had told Joshua and Israel was that they were to follow the Ark of the Covenant, He hadn’t revealed the details his plan to lead them out of the wilderness and into the promised land. So it may have come as a bit of a surprise to Joshua and then the priests when the instruction was to go and stand in the middle of a raging torrent of water! But the priests consecrated themselves and as they took the first step into the river God delivered on his promise. They made a choice not to stay in the desert but to enter the land God had promised them – what is the choice facing you today? What will God lead you into if you take the first step?

Click below to hear Andy’s message from Sunday 24 July in full.

Be strong and courageous

DSC_2003Dan’s message today was based on Joshua 1 – God told Joshua to be strong and courageous, but we know that this was not physical strength being referred to, but about the Spirit. Israel could have been discouraged because Moses had died, but God’s plan was still in effect, and Joshua was now taking over the role of leader. They were heading into a land inhabited by giants, but with God’s Spirit on their side, they could be strong and courageous in the face of risk and threats. The same is true for us today. What is God calling you to do, and will you trust in him to support you? Click below to listen to Dan’s message:

Five messages for the price of one!

stormy seaThe recording from this morning’s service at Sidley Baptist Church is a special one – five different testimonies and messages! As well as hearing about God’s amazing faithfulness, we were also reminded of the lessons of Nehemiah and that we are to cast all our cares upon the Lord – good advice in these turbulent times for our nation! Click below to listen to the audio…


June’s sermons so far

crownIf you missed Brian speaking today, you can click below to listen to his excellent message on the majesty of God. Also, below Brian’s message is the previous week’s from Andy, on the Tower of Babel – scroll down the page to click and play it.



Be cleansed of sin

soap bubbles

We had another great message from Richard Smart this morning, exhorting us not to cling on to our sin. If we do, we can become complacent about it and even comfortable with it, and it gets in the way of us becoming spotless, which is what God wants for us. Instead, we need to allow God to cleanse us, both individually and as a church, washing our sins down the drain where we can no longer try to grab them back again. Then, as part of the spotless bride of Christ, we can start to discover the amazing things God has planned for us, which are beyond anything we can imagine! Click below to listen to Richard’s message.

The world’s greatest Teacher

Peter Stell in Uganda.Peter Stell, who our church supports in his mission work in Uganda with King’s Kid Ministries, delivered a brilliant message today! Did you know that Jesus is addressed as Teacher (or Rabbi) more often than any other way in the Bible? Do you think of him as your Teacher? As you go through each situation in life, do you consider “What is Jesus teaching me through this?”. Click below to listen to Peter’s message, which also includes an inspiring update on how God has blessed the King’s Kid work and Peter’s role in it.

Remain in the True Vine

Grape-vine-croppedWe got a recording of Brian’s message this morning, please do listen if you missed it. He followed on from Dan’s message last week, talking about how important it is that we remain, or abide, in the Vine – which is of course Jesus. It’s from Him that we gain our strength, and because of him that we are able to bear fruit – the greatest of which is love, and that’s the real evidence that God is dwelling in the hearts of the people who make up His church. Click below to listen…

Week of 15 May at Sidley Baptist Church

Grape-vine-croppedCome and join us on Sunday for worship at 10am! We’ll be continuing to hear about ‘The House God Builds’ – Brian Betts is preaching, and this picture may give you a clue to his topic, especially if you heard Dan speaking last week…


Later in the week we have:

  • Monday 10.30am – 12pm: Keep Fit & Active Group
  • Monday 11am: MOGS at the Northern Hotel, Sea Road
  • Tuesday 10am-12pm: Coffee Morning, followed by the Heart of Sidley lunch.
  • Thursday 10.30am-12pm: Sidley Tiddlers

Please note there is not a prayer meeting this Wednesday – a new prayer group led by Brian Betts will be starting soon – details to follow…