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July 2016

Joshua crossing the Jordan

riverAll God had told Joshua and Israel was that they were to follow the Ark of the Covenant, He hadn’t revealed the details his plan to lead them out of the wilderness and into the promised land. So it may have come as a bit of a surprise to Joshua and then the priests when the instruction was to go and stand in the middle of a raging torrent of water! But the priests consecrated themselves and as they took the first step into the river God delivered on his promise. They made a choice not to stay in the desert but to enter the land God had promised them – what is the choice facing you today? What will God lead you into if you take the first step?

Click below to hear Andy’s message from Sunday 24 July in full.

Be strong and courageous

DSC_2003Dan’s message today was based on Joshua 1 – God told Joshua to be strong and courageous, but we know that this was not physical strength being referred to, but about the Spirit. Israel could have been discouraged because Moses had died, but God’s plan was still in effect, and Joshua was now taking over the role of leader. They were heading into a land inhabited by giants, but with God’s Spirit on their side, they could be strong and courageous in the face of risk and threats. The same is true for us today. What is God calling you to do, and will you trust in him to support you? Click below to listen to Dan’s message: