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August 2016

What drives you?

sun and cloud (small)Yesterday Brig brought us an important message, challenging us to think about what really motivates and drives us. Envy, guilt, resentment, fear and materialism can all be motivators, but the goal they push us towards is unattainable. In every case God has a better goal for us, and is able to help us get there. The good news is that it is never too late to ask God what he has placed within us, and then go and do what He called us to do. Click below to listen to the full message.


The_Midianites_Are_RoutedLast week Andy delivered a lively message about Gideon. Don’t stay hidden in a wine press or a cave, trust in the promises God has made, call on his name and He will come to your help, just as He helped Gideon and the Israelites overcome the Midianites. Click below to listen to the message…



The real ‘meat’ of our faith

Chaussures de Foot Lotto ViaouestDan told us today that the ‘meat’, as opposed to the ‘milk’, is not simply in-depth teaching from the Bible, it is putting that teaching into practice in our lives. Jesus brought a message of reconciliation, indeed he died and rose to reconcile all of us to God. So we need to put this into practice between each other, forgiving, correcting and rebuking as required. We also need to be careful of hurting people. If we know we’re in the habit of treading on toes, then we shouldn’t wear boots with spikes on them… Click below to listen to Dan’s message.

Jorn’s messages ready to listen to

DSC_9697-smallSorry for the delay, but Jorn’s messages from Sunday 31 July and Sunday 7 August are now online and ready to listen to. They’re well worth it, and even if you were at church you might like to listen again! Click the links below to listen – you may have to scroll down a bit for the second one…