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October 2016

What does the Bible say about work?

woodworkingRichard brought us an interesting message this morning on what the Bible says about work, and what this means for us when we go to help people in poverty who don’t have much opportunity to work. Click the link below to listen.



More on the Apostolic

sun and cloud (small)A few weeks ago Dan spoke on what the Apostolic means for our church, and today he followed it up with some more explanation. Click the link below to listen, and when it gets to the bit where Dan’s drawing on a flipchart all you need to know is that it looked like a bicycle wheel, with God as the hub and the people in the church as spokes in different colours! It will make sense when you listen to it…


The church is for God, not for you

We often think the church is there for us, to help us, to guide us, to minister to us. You may even hear people complaining that a church service or message ‘didn’t do anything for them’. Well, it turns out that the church is primarily for God, not for us! Click on the link below to listen to Brian’s message from this morning.


Prayer and the Apostolic

prayer-1441690 smallThe latest two Sunday messages from Sidley: Rob on Prayer and Dan on the Apostolic. Both well worth a listen, click the links below to hear them in full. (scroll down for the second one if you need to)