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November 2016

Give thanks!

give_thanksChurch was ‘cafĂ© style today’, with lots of time for sharing in small groups about how much we have to be thankful to God for. Below is a short message Rob gave us part way through the service – it’s really important to retain a thankful heart, and sometimes this is a deliberate choice, as we might not feel like doing it.

What will your sacrifice be?

Today was Remembrance Sunday, when we took time to remember the sacrifices made by the men and women who serve in our armed forces, and also to remember the destruction caused by war. If you’d like to watch the video we used you can see it here:

We also shared communion, which Jesus commanded us to do in remembrance of Him until He returns again. Finally, Brian shared a short message about sacrifice with us – we’d been remembering those who sacrificed their lives in the military, and the infinitely larger sacrifice God made to save us from our sin. But this leads us on to consider what God might be asking us to sacrifice in order that we can better do His will? Click below to listen to Brian’s message.

Touching the untouchable?

street_beggarAndy brought us a challenging message this morning, reminding us about how Jesus ‘touched the untouchable’ – literally! He got up close and personal with people suffering from leprosy to heal them, associated with society’s outcasts, and didn’t worry about what other people thought of him when he did this. How about you? Are there people you don’t really want anything to do with? Is God challenging you to overcome a prejudice? Click below to listen to the full message.