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January 2017

What can’t you let go of?

When Jesus called his disciples, some of them were working at the time, catching fish. Yet they dropped what they were doing and followed Him. They didn’t gather their nets, store the catch or pop home to pick anything up. They dropped it all and from that point on depended 100% on Jesus to provide for them. Is there anything you couldn’t bear to drop in order to follow His call? Have you ignored His call in the past? Don’t ignore it today, hold onto things loosely, and be prepared to drop them at any moment. Click below to hear the full message from Andy.

Give credit to God!

Daniel chapter 4 tells us what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar, who at the time was the most powerful ruler in the world. He was warned by God in a dream that his majesty was given by God, and not earned, but even after Daniel interpreted the dream for him, and pleaded with him to acknowledge God as ruler over all, he continued in his pride. God humbled him for a time, and eventually the king gave glory to God, and was returned to his throne. Today, we may disagree with what our elected rulers do, but like Daniel, we are still required to honour them, while encouraging them to do right. We can rest in the knowledge that God can humble anyone He chooses to if it is required. Click below to listen to the full message Dan preached this morning, which covers much more!

A new paradigm for 2017?

God ushered in a new phase in Acts 10, when it was revealed that the Holy Spirit was for all believers, not just the Jews that believed in Jesus. It was a paradigm shift, when the the course of human history changed as a result of a few simple events. What might God be bringing us in 2017? Are we again about to experience a shift, does God have something new for His church? Click below to listen to Brian’s message on Acts 10 from this morning.

2017 – time to take stock?

What do you make of the parable of the fig tree in the vineyard? Andy got us doing some of the work this morning, combining small group discussions with his message. In the parable, the keeper of a vineyard persuades the master to allow him one more year to try to encourage a fig tree growing there to bear fruit – if it does not, it will be cut down. The question for us, individually and as local churches, is are we bearing the fruit that our Master would expect to see when He inspects us? It’s time time to stock, and take action where it is needed. Click below to listen to the full message, including congregational participation!