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March 2017

Completing a journey: Terah and Abram

Have you ever set out on a journey, perhaps a walk in the countryside, and not reached your end goal? Perhaps you became tired and turned back, or passed an attractive tea-room and decided to stop there? This may be what happened to Terah, the father of Abram (later known as Abraham). Although we don’t know for sure, it seems that God prompted Terah to leave Ur and set off for Canaan, but he stopped part way, at Harran. Abram picked up where his father left off though, continuing the journey to the land that God had promised him. Of course, Abram got into trouble of his own through deception and not trusting God to protect him, but God still honoured his promises. Click below to listen to the full message Jenny brought to us this morning.

What is worship?

Is worship what we do on Sundays? Or more than that? One definition of worship is ‘adoration’, which would mean total surrender to God. True worship is letting go of ourselves and allowing God to take control in our lives. Click below to listen to the full message Amanda brought to us this morning.