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May 2017

Dealing with sin

Bob brought an important message on Sunday. Sin is never a popular topic to talk about, but the fact is that it is important. Sin is rebellion against God, it is total depravity, nothing good can come from it, and all of us have inherited it. Thankfully God has provided a solution through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. But how do we react to sin after becoming Christians? Click below to find out more…

Resurrection and Kingdom

This morning Mike shared a message inspired by a book by Tom Wright, “Surprised by Hope” (see a review here). He packed a lot into a short time, so it’s good to have a chance to listen to again with the option of a pause button! The fundamental point is that Christians often focus on going to Heaven after they die, forgetting that there’s a physical resurrection to come later. Understanding what this really means, and how our ‘good works’ in this world will feature in the ‘New Earth’, can give a new hope and a new motivation to announce the arrival of God’s Kingdom in the world today. Click below to listen to the message – it’s only 15 minutes!

The Good News

Here’s Brian’s message from Sunday – what do we know about Jesus from the Bible? He was there at the beginning, He holds all things together, He’s the good shepherd, the Way, the Truth and the Life. And amazingly, he enables us to become children of God! Click below to listen to the full message.



Double-bill: A House of Prayer, and Judgement

Here’s the messages from Sidley Baptist from the past two weeks. Yesterday, Brig shared a message about how Jesus regarded the purity of the temple as important, and cleared it of traders and money changers. For us as Christians, our bodies are regarded as temples for the Holy Spirit, and it is important that we keep them clean from sin and pollution, both physically, mentally and spiritually. We also have Dan’s message from the week before, covering what the Bible says about judgement. Click below to listen to the messages.