About us

We are a Word and Spirit community church.  Established in 1948 we turned 70 in 2018.  In Hebraic culture 70 years is a generation and God often moves when generations change!

We have gone through a process of change and are clear that the Lord is starting a new thing here as we move into this new generation.

We believe we are called to be a ‘lighthouse’ bringing light and safety to the community through authentic Word led and Spirit driven community.  We are a family for belonging, a hospital for the hurting, an army for combat training, a school of learning, a lighthouse in the darkness and most of all a community of awe inspired worshipers.  

Lately we’ve sensed God say we should consider the core values of:  Expectation – Honouring – Empowerment.

Expecting great things from God and attempting great things for God – William Carey

Honouring each other as Romans 12:10 commands us to do

Empowering each other to pursue God and His ways as we all involve ourselves in relational discipleship 

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