Considering Christianity

Are you just looking into Christianity?  Do you have shed loads of questions?  If so then this is a great starting page for you.  Here you’ll find stimulating materials, links and ideas.  If you would like someone to come and visit you and you live in the Bexhill area then please drop the church office a line and we’ll do just that!  If you would like to chat over email, again just email the church office.

So let’s just go for this!  Why not click on this link and watch this powerful but really straight talking 3 minute video …

Are you good enough for heaven?

Now maybe you have some questions about it all?  I know I certainly did when I started looking into Christianity – in fact I still have questions now!  Have a browse around this excellent site.

Questions I’d like to ask about Christianity

If you would be interested in doing an Alpha Course exploring what it means to be an authentic Christian and have a genuine relationship with God, email the church office.  We will be running a course soon and we’ll put your name on the list!

Jesus actually said that He was the way the truth and the life and that nobody can come to the father except by knowing Jesus (John 14:6).  As C. S. Lewis said, the guy who wrote the Narnia series, for someone to say Jesus was just a good moral teacher isn’t an option Jesus left us.  Jesus must either be mad, a totally evil liar or God as He claimed to be.  Why not look into who Jesus is for yourself?  Surely you need some authentic direction and truth in your life? It’s there if you take time to look…